At IGA Wellington Point, we support our community and love to support local charities.

Every time you purchase a Community Chest product you are helping to support various organisations, sporting clubs, charities and community groups in Wellington Point and surrounding areas. That’s because a percentage of each Community Chest product sold is set aside for distribution back into the community.

We support our local community and get involved in fundraising or holding special events on behalf of worthwhile causes. We can offer your charity or organisation full use of our BBQ facilities to hold a sausage sizzle outside our store. All profits go straight to your charity or organisation, benefiting our local community. Ask us how we can help you, contact us for more information.

Next time you are in the store look for the special Community Chest tickets on the shelves to help you identify which products help put something back into our local community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our IGA Community Chest program. IGA is a world class retailer and we are proud of our local community heritage and the IGA Community Chest program. We’ve developed the FAQs to assist customers, organisations and groups to understand how IGA Community Chest benefits the community.

How is the money raised?
Money for IGA Community Chest is raised through a variety of ways and it is something we do 52 weeks a year. When you purchase a product with the IGA Community Chest logo printed on the label, a percentage is automatically credited to that store’s IGA Community Chest fund. (some exclusions apply) During IGA Community Chest catalogue promotion weeks, all products in the catalogue bearing the special IGA Community Chest logo contribute to the Chest. Throughout the year, extra fundraising activities are conducted by stores and regions.

How are IGA Community Chest beneficiaries chosen?

  1. For local activities the beneficiaries are chosen by the local stores
  2. Regional activities are chosen by the region or group of stores
  3. State beneficiaries are chosen in consultation with the State Executive and Board

Here are a couple of tips on becoming an IGA Community Chest beneficiary.
It’s best to approach your local IGA store directly. Prepare a pitch which may include;

  • An overview of your organisation and/or the individual that you’d like supported
  • What support are you looking for – monies, donations of goods, providing team jumpers, holding regular fundraising at the store, group registrations at the store, etc.
  • How the donation will be used and your timing
  • If there is anything you can offer in return to IGA

Don’t forget to include your contact details.